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ATTENTION: Each country has its own list of prohibited items. Please check whether or not the item is a prohibited item in your region prior to finalizing your purchase.
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Important Notice

Notice regarding countries currently available for delivery

Last updated: January 13, 2023(JST)

Thank you for using SaQra Mart.
With the worldwide spread of the New Coronavirus infectious disease, measures such as the suspension of international mail has been taken by many countries/regions. As a result, the number of aircraft arriving and departing Japan has been significantly reduced or suspended. Due to the disruption in transportation routes, sales to some countries and regions will be suspended temporarily from April 1st 2020(JST). Currently, orders from these countries/regions can no longer be placed. We also expect significant delays to other countries/regions where we still accept orders.

NOTICE: Royal Mail is on strike, We are experiencing significant delivery delays.
The countries we can currently ship to are as follows.
Australia/Bangladesh/Bhutan/Canada/Germany/Hong Kong/Korea/Macau/Malaysia/Netherlands/New Zealand/Philippines/Singapore/Spain/Taiwan/Thailand/United Kingdom/United States of America/Vietnam
(Country names are in alphabetical order.)

Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America
(Country names are in alphabetical order.)

1. Will the order that has been placed be shipped?
Order that has not yet been dispatched:
In the case of non-shipping countries, the order will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued. You will be contacted by email after the cancellation is complete. Please pay attention to the emails from our store.

Order that has been dispatched:
Order that has been dispatched cannot be cancelled. Nevertheless, it is likely the package will be returned to Japan. Please rest assured that we will proceed with cancellation and refund accordingly if a package is returned. For countries/regions where shipping is not suspended, please expect shipping and delivery to be extensively delayed.
2. When will refund occur?
Refund will be automatically processed after cancellation is completed. You will be contacted by email after the cancellation is complete. Please pay attention to the emails from our store.
3. I haven't received a reply from you.
We are currently receiving a number of inquiries and our customer service work has been delayed. It may take more than a day to reply, but we will get back to everyone, so please be patient.
SaQra Mart Operational Support