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Estates Binchotan Dry Pet Futon for 4 Sheets

Estates Binchotan Dry Pet Futon for 4 Sheets


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Dehumidify firmly + deodorize with charcoal!

Bincho charcoal and activated carbon are specially blended in the dehumidifying agent, so it deodorizes the odor that you care about while removing moisture.

When you absorb moisture, the drug turns into a jelly, and you can see the dehumidifying effect at a glance.

● When storing the futon, it absorbs odor as well as moisture.



[Product name]

Household dehumidifier




For futon




Calcium chloride, water retention agent, activated carbon, Bincho charcoal



[Validity period]

3-4 months

(Depends on the season and humidity conditions.)

* Please be sure to replace it within 1 year.



[How to use]

・ Be sure to face the white moisture-absorbing surface upwards and use it between folded futons.

・ When the granular drug becomes jelly-like, replace it.



[Standard usage]

2 sheets for 1 futon


[Standard dehumidification amount (water equivalent)]

100g x 4 sheets (at 25 degrees and humidity 80%)



[Usage environment]

Use the product in an environment that is as tightly sealed as possible. 


[Processing after use]

After use, please dispose of it according to the local garbage disposal rules.



[Preservation method]

・ Store in a sealed place away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

・ This product absorbs moisture when opened, so use all (4 sheets) at a time.



[Please note]

・ Be careful of mischief and accidental ingestion of infants.

・ This product cannot be eaten.

・ Be careful not to get the medicine in your eyes.

・ If the chemical gets on clothing or metal or spills, wash it off thoroughly with water.

・ Do not take out the medicine or handle the medicine bag roughly. Should the bag be damaged, discontinue use. The liquid may leak and stain clothing or deteriorate leather products.

・ Do not stain or wet the white hygroscopic surface. It causes the liquid to seep out.

・ Do not use for any other purpose.



[First aid method]

・ If you put it in your mouth, immediately spit it out and gargle. If swallowed, give water or milk and consult a doctor immediately.

・ Should this get in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water and consult a doctor immediately.

・ If the drug gets on the skin, wash it off thoroughly with water.

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