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Estates Yells Nursing Home Deodorant Power Portable Toilet Deodorant Sheet 30 Sheets

Estates Yells Nursing Home Deodorant Power Portable Toilet Deodorant Sheet 30 Sheets


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A sheet that dissolves in water. Can be flushed to the toilet.Formulated with citric acid that works on the odor of portable toilets.

● "Refreshing green herb scent" with a refreshing feeling

● One sheet is used at a time, and 30 sheets for 30 times are included.

● As a product developed for the development of the long-term care industry, a certification mark from the "Japan Long-term Care Association" is also given.



[How to use]

* Use with water

・ Put 1-2 liters of water in a bucket of a portable toilet. Insert one sheet before excretion.

* Put it in a place filled with water.

・ When changing water, flush it down the toilet.

* After opening, be sure to close it from the end according to the chuck part.




Citric acid, fragrance, water-soluble paper



[Standard outline]

Size: 80mm * 120mm



[Please note]

・ This product cannot be eaten.

・ Keep out of reach of children.

・ Do not use in diapers or in direct contact with the skin.

・ Do not place in places with high temperature and humidity or in direct sunlight.

・ Since it is a sheet that dissolves in water, do not touch it with wet hands.

・ Do not use for any other purpose.

・ Be careful of accidental ingestion



[First Aid Description]

・ If you put it in your mouth, immediately spit it out and gargle. If swallowed, give water.

・ In either case, consult a doctor if you have any abnormalities.

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