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Sangi Apagard Apa-Kids Toothpaste

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Sangi Apagard Apa-Kids Toothpaste


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● Repair enamel. For strong and healthy teeth.

● Restoration with medicated hydroxyapatite, which has almost the same ingredients as teeth.

Replenishes minerals, remineralizes, prevents tooth loss, and keeps healthy teeth.

● Contains trehalose and xylitol (natural sweetener).

● The only toothpaste for children that contains medicated hydroxyapatite, which has almost the same ingredients as teeth and has a high affinity.

● Nanoparticle medicated hydroxyapatite, which has almost the same composition as teeth and has high affinity, prevents tooth loss.

● Easy-to-open one-touch cap, unique ramune flavor.


Solvent / purified water, wetting agent / sorbitol solution / concentrated glycerin, base / hydrous silicic acid / silicic acid anhydride, sweetener / xylitol / trehalose / stevia extract, medicinal ingredient / medicated hydroxyapatite / cetylpyridinium chloride, binder / Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, foaming agent / sodium lauryl sulfate, flavoring agent / fragrance (ramune type), preservative / alkyldiaminoethylglycine hydrochloride


・ Should you observe any abnormalities, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

* The date of manufacture is printed on the box. If it is unopened and avoids high temperature and humidity, it will be kept for 3 years.

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15/09/2020 Tuesday

Easy to use

Because I was using Apaguard
I bought it.
The effect is still unknown.

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