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KOKUBO Bread cut guide KK-093

KOKUBO Bread cut guide KK-093


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Easily cut bread to the desired thickness!Just put a knife along the scale!

You can choose from 4 levels of bread thickness. Folding and compact storage.

With scaleFor 4 sheets: 30mmFor 5 sheets: 24mmFor 6 sheets: 20mmFor 8 sheets: 15mm* Applicable to bread knives with a blade width of 23cm or more

[Material]ABS resin

[How to use]

* Use a bread knife with a blade span of 23 cm or more.* Use the bread thickness as a guide only. It varies slightly depending on the state of the bread at the time of cutting and how to put the bread knife. Before cutting breadUse a wet cloth to prevent the cut guide from moving.(1) Place the pan on the white base and lightly press one side against the wall of the kitchen knife guide.* If you press too hard, it will be thicker than the set thickness.(2) Insert the bread knife into the groove of the knife guide with the thickness you want to cut, and cut it slowly while moving it back and forth in parallel.* If the bread width is getting narrower, cut it while holding down the base.(3) Slowly remove the cut bread from the upper part of the knife guide wall.* Repeat steps (1) to (3) until the required number is reached.


Wash well with dishwashing detergent before use. Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.Be sure to use a bread knife.-Make sure that the place of use is horizontal and stable, and be careful not to slip the base.If excessive force is applied to the main body, it may be damaged.Do not use if damaged or deformed.Do not place near fire or high temperatures.Scratches may occur when brushed with scourer or scouring powder.It may be altered by citrus oils such as lemon.After use, remove any deposits. If you are concerned about dirt, wash with warm water with a neutral detergent on a sponge or soft cloth. After that, please dry the moisture well before storing.Be careful not to cut your fingers when cutting.

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