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Osaki Medical dacco mom-friendly shorts postpartum period shorts M-L Size peach pink 1 piece

Osaki Medical dacco mom-friendly shorts postpartum period shorts M-L Size peach pink 1 piece


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Front-opening shorts with a focus on functions and materials, and a comfortable fit.Perfect fit and prevention of leakage ! Using a material with good elasticity and a shape that fits the crotch, it fits gently on the body to reduce misalignment and twisting of the pad, and prevent leakage.

High leg shapeDoes not tighten the lymph nodes at the base of the foot, which causes swelling.

Good front opening and closing part per skin the maternity pad can be replaced while wearing shorts.The inseam opening and closing part is rounded so that it does not hurt even if it hits the body, and the female part of the one-touch tape is set widely.

Guard the front and back mole a wide range of waterproof cloth on the front and back guards the front and back moles.


Body: cotton: 95%, polyurethane: 5% Waterproof cloth: polyester: 100%


M-L ... Hip 34.25-39.37 inches

L-LL ... Hip 36.22-41.34 inches

LL-3L ... Hip 38.19-43.31 inches

[Handling precautions]

Wash one-touch tape closed.

Do not use a dryer.

Use non-fluorescent detergent.

There is a risk of discoloration. Wash separately from white and light-colored items.

Do not leave it in a wet state for a long time.


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