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Itoen Barley Tea 54 Bags

Itoen Barley Tea 54 Bags

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Brand:Itoen  Made in:Japan

Net Content:54 Bags  Brand Origin:Japan

It is Mugi tea which roasted to the core of the mushrooms and finished in a sweet and savory taste. You can easily do it with water or hot water. With caffeine zero, you can drink with your family from babies to seniors.

Suggestion Brewing Method:

[For cold]:
[Cold water bottle]
1. One of tea pack match with one of liter water bottle.
2. Take one tea pack into the bottle, and put into refrigerator to make it cold.
3. After 2 hours or until desires strength, remove the tea pack.

One of liter water about 2 hours.

[For hot]:

1. Heat 1 to 1.5 liters of the water until it boiling, then close fire.
2. Take one tea pack into the kettle.
3. After 10 minutes, remove the tea pack.

1 to 1.5 liters water about 10 minutes.

1. Take on tea pack into the teapot, and pouring water with hot enough.
2. For teapot's tea, please drink out of all even last drop.

300ml for 60 seconds


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Maggie Kennedy
Post date:
21/03/2020 Saturday

Mugi-cha tea-bags

This is a very good product, well packed for freshness in a vacuum bag. Considering the present difficult trading circumstances caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, I would like to commend the suppliers for their dedication in sending this product to me as soon as they could. I greatly appreciate their efforts. Thank you.

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