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Kowa Vantelin Lower Back Support M Size

Kowa Vantelin Lower Back Support M Size


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Wraps around the waist and stabilizes it, reducing anxiety of the waist!
<Cross-net taping structure> supports waist firmly!
<With taping function> Supporter for thin waist which was particular about comfort!
・The cross net taping structure supports the waist widely.
It restricts excessive waist movements, such as <back and forth movement> and <twist>, which places a burden on the waist.
・The fabric is made of a thin, highly breathable stretch material (Lycra fiber) that has excellent elasticity.
With a structure that easily fits the body, it realizes a more comfortable feeling of use and can be used by both men and women.
・Suppression of dorsiflexion (movement to deflect your back).
The cross net sewn into the fabric supports the waist widely. Limit excessive movement by supporting from the lumbar spine to the pelvis.
・Trunk assist function.
By holding the lower abdomen and waist in a three-dimensional fit shape based on ergonomics, it supports an appropriate posture and reduces the burden on the waist.
・Realizes a comfortable use with a thin design.
By adopting a highly breathable thin fabric, it is less stuffy and can be worn with less discomfort.


[Quality display]
Body: polyester, polyurethane
Velcro: 100% nylon
Edge tape: polyester, polyurethane


[How to choose size]
Measure around the navel.
*Person corresponding to two sizes recommends larger one.
・M size ... around the navel: 65 ~ 85cm
・L size: around the navel: 80-100cm
・LL size: around the navel: 95-115cm


How to use
(1) Hold the tag so that it is on the right side inside, and pull it with both hands so that the length is equal to the left and right.
(2) Extend your left hand diagonally downward. A guide is about 5cm below the navel.
* Do not wear above the navel.
(3) With the left hand fixed so that it does not move, extend the right hand diagonally downward and fix it with the hook-and-loop fastener.


[Precautions for use]
・What you must not do
1. Do not use for the following people
(1) Immediately after injury such as bruises or fractures, the affected area has abnormalities such as swelling and strong pain.
(2) A person who has or seems to have peripheral blood circulation disorder.
(3) Persons with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc. on the wear site.
(4) Chronic dermatitis and allergic persons due to synthetic fibers and rubber materials.
(5) A person who is pregnant or may become pregnant.
2. Please do not use other than specified part.
3. Please do not use anything that does not fit
4. Do not use while sleeping


If you experience any of the following symptoms during or after use, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.
Symptoms: rash, redness, rash, congestion, abnormal pain, swelling


[Notes on storage and handling]
(1) Do not place near fire or high temperature.
(2) Please keep out of reach of children.
(3) Store with the hook-and-loop fastener fastened so that lint does not adhere.


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