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Kobayashi Seiyaku Sumigaki Herbal mint fragrance 100g

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Kobayashi Seiyaku Sumigaki Herbal mint fragrance 100g


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Prevent mouth odor!

Experience with charcoal! A refreshing feeling different from before!

Removes plaque and dirt that cause odor from charcoal.

The scent of herb mint refreshes your mouth.

* Your teeth will not turn black.

[Size / capacity]

Individual packaging size: 49X141X40mm

Individual packaging weight: Approximately 125g

Contents: 100g

Country of manufacture: Japan


Water, 2Ca Phosphate (cleaning agent), sorbitol / glycerin (wetting agent), silica (thickening agent), sodium lauryl sulfate (foaming agent), cellulose gum (caking agent), fragrance: herb mint type (flavoring agent) ), Mentor (cooling agent), charcoal (cleaning agent), ethanol (solvent), phosphoric acid 3Mg (stabilizer), lauroyl sarcosin Na (foaming agent), ethylparaben / propylparaben (preservative), saccharin Na (sweetness) Agent)

[Efficacy / Effect]

Prevent bad breath.

Prevents worm teeth.

Remove plaque.

Whiten teeth.

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount with a toothbrush and brush your teeth and gums.

[Precautions for use]

Should you observe an abnormality such as a rash, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

If there is a scratch in the mouth, refrain from using it.

Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately without rubbing.

If any abnormalities remain, consult an ophthalmologist.

Should this get on your clothes, rinse immediately with water.

Charcoal does not cause blackening of teeth.

* The date of manufacture is stated on the toothpaste.

If it is unopened and avoids high temperature and humidity, it will be kept for 3 years.

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15/09/2020 Tuesday

It's a moving product!

I was surprised by the black toothpaste.
I was just surprised that my teeth were white.

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