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Orihiro Delicious Chewable Supplement Dense Collagen Plus Placenta Peach Flavor

Orihiro Delicious Chewable Supplement Dense Collagen Plus Placenta Peach Flavor


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1) Delicious chewable We have created an easy-to-eat and delicious chewable product with a solid blend of fruit juice.
It has a delicious taste that is not found in regular supplements, so you can take in ingredients that are good for your beauty as if you were eating sweets.

2) Contains dense collagen, equivalent to 4000mg of collagen.
Collagen-specific components include dipeptides PO and OG (prolyl hydroxyproline, hydroxyprolyl glycine).
This product is formulated with dense collagen that contains PO and OG in high concentrations, creating a chewable product with a collagen equivalent of 4000mg.
Dense collagen is collagen (*) that contains 30 times more PO and OG than regular collagen.
*Compared with the collagen raw material used in the manufacturer's product (low molecular hyaluronic acid collagen).

3) Equivalent to 150mg of placenta.
Contains placenta as an ingredient that supports collagen.

This product is a chewable product that allows you to deliciously ingest collagen and placenta.
The supplement has a delicious texture that can be easily eaten, and the use of fruit juice makes it an authentically delicious supplement, so unlike conventional supplements, it is a product that can be enjoyed easily and deliciously. It can be useful for daily beauty and health maintenance.

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