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Unicharm Sofy Center Inn Compact 1/2 For many nights Slim splashed white soap scent 12 pieces

Unicharm Sofy Center Inn Compact 1/2 For many nights Slim splashed white soap scent 12 pieces


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The compact size, which is half that of a normal slim napkin, and the stylish and unique wrap make it ideal for carrying around!


It fits neatly in the palm of your hand, pouch, or pocket, so it's very convenient when you go out!

● Compact but safe!

(1) By improving the function, it absorbs 5 times more smoothly, so there is no need to worry about leakage. It also absorbs sticky menstrual blood.

(2) Soft and comfortable with a celebrity sheet on the skin! The softly tailored "skin celebrity sheet" and three-dimensional gathers make it comfortable.

● You will feel happy with the fluffy scent even on your period ♪

Through joint development with a perfumer, a fashionable scent like perfume is created! By blending several scents in a well-balanced manner, you can enjoy a good scent even during your period.

● White soap scent ♪ I don't mind the refreshing scent. Geranium was added to the scent.

● The scent spreads softly. By adding a scent to the napkin body, you can enjoy the scent while carrying or using the napkin.

● The unique wrap is a fashionable design using flowers. The non-sanitary design and gorgeous scent make you feel happy ♪


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