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Pigeon Slim type baby bottle heat resistant glass 120ml

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Pigeon Slim type baby bottle heat resistant glass 120ml


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● Bottle

It has a stable shape and is hard to roll.

● Hood

Prevents dust from adhering.

● Nipples

There are 5 types of hole sizes according to age, growth, and application. (This product is 0 months ~ / S size, round hole.) (M round hole, Y three cut, L round hole, cross cut for fruit juice are sold separately.)

● Vents

Smooths the flow of milk and eliminates nipple crushing and dents.

● Made of heat-resistant glass.



[Estimation of nipple replacement]

・ If your baby is familiar with one nipple, you may not like it even if you replace it with a new nipple. Nipple is used to prospect for about two months in alternating two or more co-, regardless of the number of times of use when it becomes stale so as not to cut or torn, let's replacement as soon as possible.

・ Please note that the nipple may be torn if the baby with teeth pulls it with a can.



[Raw materials]

Hood cap: polypropylene

Nipple: Synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)

Bottle: Borosilicate glass



[Standard outline]

Nipple suction hole shape: Round hole (S size)

Bottle capacity: 120 mL (maximum scale capacity)

Disinfection method: Boil disinfection ○ / Microwave disinfection ○ / Chemical disinfection ○

Heat resistant temperature difference: 120 degrees



[Please note]

★ The nipple of this baby bottle can only be used for the following products.

Pigeon Slim Type Baby Bottle

* Pigeon Breastfeeding Feeling Nipple, Pigeon Breastfeeding Counseling Room Nipple, and Pigeon Magumagu Baby Cup Nipple cannot be used with this baby bottle.


★ Handling precautions

-The glass bottle will break if it is dropped or hit.

-Every time you use the product, check that there are no cracks or scratches, especially the screw parts.

-When cracked, debris may fly or you may be seriously injured with a sharp cross section.

-It will crack if it is dropped or hit. Please handle with care.

・ For milk preparation, be sure to boil once and use hot water cooled to 70 degrees or higher.

・ Since the baby bottle is cold in winter, it may crack or cause burns if hot water is added immediately after boiling.

・ When cooling, it may crack if it is rapidly cooled with ice water. Be sure to cool it slowly with running water or water stored in a cooking bowl.

-Check for cracks and scratches (especially small scratches and chips such as screw parts) after each use. If there are scratches or chips, it may crack or cut your hands, so replace it with a new one.

・ Never let your child carry it alone. It is dangerous to break when dropped or fallen.


★ Be careful of burns

・ The baby bottle also gets hot when preparing milk. Please be careful about burns.

・ Please do not prepare milk near your child. There is a risk of burning.

・ Be sure to check the temperature of milk and drink before breastfeeding. There is a risk of burning.

・ After boiling disinfection or microwave disinfection, the baby bottle will also become hot. Please be careful about burns.

・ When preparing milk, shaking the baby bottle vertically may cause the contents to spurt out, which may cause burns, which is dangerous. Also, if the hood is set and shaken, the internal pressure of the baby bottle will increase due to the hot water, which may cause leakage or spouting, which is dangerous.


★ Please note

• Baby bottles are for feeding your baby and feeding other drinks. Do not use it for any other purpose.

・ If given continuously for a long time, it may cause tooth decay depending on the drink.

・ The scale of the baby bottle is a guide for preparing milk. If you need more accurate accuracy, use a measuring cup or measuring spoon.

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