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Wakodo Baby Food Easy Cooking Udon 130g

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Wakodo Baby Food Easy Cooking Udon 130g


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Easy to make.

You can make delicious udon dishes without troublesome preparation.

Dry noodles for babies that make daily baby food easy. No salt used!

There is no need to throw away the boiled juice and wash it with water, so you can make one dish in a pot.

Combine with various ingredients to expand the menu.

-Cut short! It has been cut in advance to make it easy to eat.-

Boiled quickly compared to general dry noodles, and still you can quickly cook noodle dishes that are soft for children!

For babies from 7 months to early childhood.


[Product Name]



[Raw Materials]



[Nutrition ingredients (per 100g per bag)]

Energy ... 358kcaL

Protein ... 7.6g

Lipid ... 1.7g

Carbohydrate ... 78g

Salt equivalent ... 0-0.1g


[How to make]

(1) Bring the pot to the boil, put this product and boil it gently for 6 minutes.

(2) Pour into a bowl and make sure it is easy to eat.


[How to make in the microwave]

(1) Put this product and water (about 200mL) in a large heat-resistant container such as a bowl for adults and heat for 9 minutes without wrapping. (In the case of 500 / 600W)



* This product is manufactured on the same line as salted udon.

Please be careful when handling hot water.

Do not store together with strong fragrance product.

Use as soon as possible after opening.

Do not leave leftovers or make up.

The age is approximate. Let's move forward step by step.

Consult a specialist about how to recommend weaning.

Noodles may be broken due to product characteristics.


[Preservation method]

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.


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12/10/2020 Monday

it's simple.

It's very easy and saves time.

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