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Yanase Waichi Kaneson Breast Milk Bag 150mLX20.

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Yanase Waichi Kaneson Breast Milk Bag 150mLX20.


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● Kaneson breast milk bag, which is the most popular in hospitals.

● Peace of mind when your mother goes out or works! Great for when you can't breastfeed directly.

● Manufactured by a unique inflation manufacturing method that never exposes the inside to the outside air.

● Gamma sterilization is applied to keep breast milk hygienic, and thorough safety is pursued.

● Double structure using high-strength nylon on the outside and highly safe polyethylene on the inside.

● Easy sealing method by simply wrapping the header part.

● The simple shape allows excess air to easily escape and can be stored in a sealed state.

● With a memory sticker, you will never forget the milking day.

Set contents: 20 breast milk bags, 20 memory stickers (4 sheets)

Maximum capacity: Approximately 150 ml

Cold-resistant temperature: -70 degrees (when placed without impact)


・How to use

Newborns are less resistant to bacteria, so please handle them cleanly. Wash your fingers thoroughly with soap before handling the milk bag.

(1) Tear the notch in the transparent part at the top along the header. * Do not remove the header.

(2) Make a crease on the center of the header on the white knob side, and then hold both ends of the header.

(3) Pull the white knob toward you to open the mouth of the breast milk bag. * Do not put your finger in the breast milk bag or breathe in.

(4) While holding both ends of the header, pull the bottom of the breast milk bag with your other hand and spread it to the bottom.

(5) Hold both ends of the header with one hand and receive it in the cup with the mouth of the breast milk bag open, and pour the milk slowly. * Do not enter more than the maximum capacity display line. It may cause tearing or leakage. (The guide scale is displayed in a state where it is naturally accumulated with a white knob, but it is not accurate because it is just a guide.)

(6) Remove the air from the breast milk bag and wrap the header part toward the adhesive tape three times. (* For 25 ml, wrap it twice.) Next, peel off the release paper from the adhesive tape, wrap it once more, and hold it firmly.

(7) Stick the memory sticker with the name, date and time of milking, and capacity written on it firmly on the part that was firmly pressed in (6). Then immediately store it in the freezer (refrigerator). * Wipe off any water droplets on the surface of the breast milk bag before freezing. * When storing frozen, wrap each one in a wrap or plastic bag. (It may stick to the inside of the film and cannot be taken out, or the nylon layer on the outside of the film may come off.)


・How to store in the freezer

In the freezer, keep the breast milk bags flat and lay them flat one by one. (If you want to store it upright, keep the header part down.) If you want to store it frozen, wrap it in a wrap or plastic bag one by one.


・How to thaw frozen breast milk

Thaw frozen breast milk using one of the following methods.

Transfer to the refrigerator.

Apply running water.

Soak in lukewarm water (30-40 ° C). (Please do it within 20 minutes.)

* Never defrost in boiling water, open flame, or microwave because there is a risk of destroying the immune system contained in breast milk and causing the breast milk bag to burst. * When thawing multiple items, be careful not to hit or drop the breast milk bags.


Breastfeeding method

When transferring thawed milk to a baby bottle, pour it by tearing the notch along the cut line with the spout at the bottom of the milk bag facing up.

* Wipe off any water droplets on the surface of the breast milk bag with clean gauze in advance. * Pour the breast milk bag so that it does not touch the inside of the baby bottle.

Boil in hot water at around 40 ° C to bring it close to the baby's body temperature before drinking.

 * Be especially careful when handling when frozen, and avoid contact between breast milk bags or hard objects.

* When moving, wrap the breast milk bag individually in plastic wrap or a plastic bag, and then carry it in a commercially available cold storage bag.

* In rare cases, translucent or brown / black spots may be visible on the film of the breast milk bag body, but this is because the film raw material was discolored by heat during manufacturing, and it is integrated with the film and becomes breast milk. It does not melt and there is no hygiene problem.


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