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Kobayashi Seiyaku Glasses cleaner Fukifuki 40 follicles

Kobayashi Seiyaku Glasses cleaner Fukifuki 40 follicles


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● Simply wipe off fingerprints and greasy stains on the lens.

● Since it is a quick-drying wet type, you do not need to wipe it.

● As it is individually wrapped, it is convenient to carry.

● The glasses are clean because they have a sterilizing effect. * Not all bacteria are effective.

● Can also be used for plastic lenses, multi-coated lenses, and water protection lenses.

● Uses ultra-fine fibers made in Japan

● Can also be used for mobile phones.



[How to use]

・ Take out the tissue and wipe the entire lens lightly.

* One-time use type.

* Wipe off the dirty parts before the tissue dries.

* If sand or iron powder is attached, wash it off with water before use.

* Cannot be used for frames made of tortoiseshell or jewels.




・ Glasses ・ Sunglasses ・ Goggles such as skis ・ Mobile phone screen ・ Clock glass surface ・ TV and computer glass surface (excluding liquid crystal) ・ Mirror




Isopropyl alcohol



[Standard outline]

1 sheet size: Approximately 100mm * 133mm



[Please note]

・ Do not wipe your hands or face.

・ For people with alcohol hypersensitivity, especially those with sensitive skin, rinse with water after use so that the drug solution does not remain on the fingertips.

-Depending on the type of material, there is a risk of deterioration, so check in an inconspicuous place before use.

・ Keep out of reach of children.

・ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

・ Do not use for lenses with scratches on the surface.

・ Do not use near fire.

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