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Pigeon 'bonyuu jikkan' baby bottle plastic bottle 160ml mickey mouse

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Pigeon 'bonyuu jikkan' baby bottle plastic bottle 160ml mickey mouse


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For moms who want to breastfeed.
A baby bottle that reliably supports breastfeeding!

● Pigeon breastfeeding is a baby bottle that can (1) keep your lips tight so that air does not escape, (2) move your tongue smoothly, and (3) drink gently and slowly. It meets all three principles necessary for better feeding, so it is easy to use with breasts and supports breastfeeding.
● Made of plastic (PPSU) that is light and hard to break.
● Wide mouth type that is easy to wash and prepare.
● Easy-to-hold bottles with a gentle round shape that are difficult to roll.
● From 0 months.
● The nipple is a form that can properly perform the three steps necessary for a better nursing exercise.
(1) Packing up ... The nipple has a wide caliber, so the lips can be tightly attached.
(2) Pulling out breast milk by movement of the tongue ... The soft and elastic nipple allows natural and smooth movement of the tongue.
(3) Swallowing ... With a hole size according to the baby's growth, you can drink gently and slowly.


Food cap : Polypropylene
Nipple : Synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)
Bottle : Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)


Nipple: SS size, round hole
Disinfection method: boiling disinfection / microwave disinfection / chemical disinfection


<This baby bottle nipple can only be used with the following products: >
(1) Pigeon breastfeeding baby bottle.
* There are two types of nipples, caps and hoods with different shapes for breastfeeding. Because the nipple height is different, the tip of the nipple may be slightly crushed depending on the combination, but there is no problem in use. (This product is a new type.)
(2) Pigeon Breast Milk Consultation Room baby bottle.
(3) Pigeon Mug Mug Baby Cup.
* This baby bottle cap and hood cannot be used with the Pigeon Mug Mug Baby Cup.
* K type nipples cannot be used with this baby bottle.
<Handling precautions>
● After use, clean the nipples and bottles thoroughly with a special brush before disinfection.
● Do not place near fire. It may be deformed.
● Use a sponge brush for cleaning. Washing with a hard brush will cause scratches.
<Burn note>
● The baby bottle gets hot when formulating. Please be careful about burns.
● Do not prepare milk by your child. There is a risk of burns.
● Be sure to check the temperature of milk or drink before breastfeeding. There is a risk of burns.
● After boiling disinfection and microwave disinfection, the baby bottle will also become hot. Please be careful about burns.
● During milk preparation, if the baby bottle is shaken vertically, the contents will spurt out, which may cause burns and is dangerous. If the hood is set and shaken, the hot water will increase the internal pressure of the baby bottle, which may cause leakage or squirt."


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