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Green Bell Nail Clipper G-1014 luxury nail clippers curve blade (Takumi No Waza)

Green Bell Nail Clipper G-1014 luxury nail clippers curve blade (Takumi No Waza)


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Hard nails can be cut well!

It is a gem that has been carefully finished one by one by a skilled specialist.

The blade uses carefully selected stainless steel blades, and has excellent sharpness (cuts well) and durability due to high hardness quenching and double blade cutting technology.

 The lever is designed so that it can be gripped with a light force. Even if you use it for a long time, you will not get tired and you can cut it smoothly.

 With fine nail file (back side of lever).

 Comes with a stainless steel case to reduce nail skipping.



[Size / Capacity]

Individual packaging size: 38X132X22mm

Individual packaging weight: Approximately 70 g

Country of manufacture: Japan



[Quality display]

Body: Stainless cutlery steel

Lever: Zinc alloy

File: Stainless special processing

Catcher: ABS resin



[Please note]

 Please read the precautions carefully before use.

 The cutting edge is precisely finished. Do not cut anything other than your nails.

 The blade is made of stainless steel, but if it is left with moisture or dirt on it, it may cause rust. After use, wipe off the dirt and store it cleanly in a dry and well-ventilated place. Please give me.

 Store out of reach of children without the risk of falling or falling.

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Chris Taylor
Post date:
26/09/2020 Saturday


Excellent product. Well worth waiting for. Took a long time to arrive but was wall packaged.

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