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Kobayashi Seiyaku Sarasaty Lingerie Detergent 120ml

Kobayashi Seiyaku Sarasaty Lingerie Detergent 120ml


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Product Description

● A sanitary detergent that cleans blood and cages.

● It takes 20 minutes to soak, and you don't need to wash it.

● Because it is attached, it will not damage your underwear.

● Easy-to-use one-touch cap.



[How to use]

・ For such dirt ...

・ Blood during menstruation (menstrual blood)

・ Vaginal discharge

・ Blood stains such as cuts


(Estimated usage amount)

For soaking and washing, about 10 mL per 500 mL of water or lukewarm water (1 scale on the side of the bottle: measure the bottle upside down). When washing in a washing machine, use an appropriate amount according to the amount of dirt.


(How to use)

For soaking and washing, soak in the above solution for about 20 minutes and then rinse well. For stains that have passed the time or are difficult to remove, it is effective to apply the detergent directly and leave it in the above solution for a long time. When washing in a washing machine, soak the detergent directly in the dirt, lightly scrub it, and then wash it in the washing machine as usual.


(How to use the side scale)

・ If the liquid level is reduced by 1 scale by pressing the bottle with your finger while the bottle is turned upside down, it is 10 ml. Please measure the amount used according to the amount of water

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