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Kao Laurier Speed+ Ultra-Absorbent Guard Sanitary Panties - 5 Count

Kao Laurier Speed+ Ultra-Absorbent Guard Sanitary Panties - 5 Count


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Women sanitary overnight shorts type pad.

Designed to contour to your body giving perfect protection from leaking.

Give you maximum overnight protection. No more worry about waking up in the middle of the night to check for leaks.

Get you a maximum protection during the day or overnight for heavier period flow.

[Standard outline]

Surface material: polyethylene, polyester

Color: white, pink (including red no. 405)

Size: Waist: 64-77 cm / Hip: 87-100 cm


[Please note]

・ If it does not suit your skin, consult a doctor.

・ Wrap the used napkin in a separate wrap.

・ Please do not flush it down the toilet.


[Country of origin]


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christina chung
Post date:
7/04/2020 Tuesday

Great product

I was looking for pads for my daughter at the Japanese store and spotted these panties. I wasn’t sure but bought two packs to try it out. It was perfect for her since she’s new at it and not having to worry if it leaks or not. These were great when she’s in school because it feels like her underwear. Great even when she’s at gym. I tried it when it was on my heavier period and during over nights. They are perfect for us! I order by the max amount that is available when I check online. I stock it

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