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Richell Baby Bottle Box

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Richell Baby Bottle Box


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As a sanitary storage space for baby bottles!
As a care case and as a desktop case.
With a simple design, it can be used for a long time with your baby's growth.
It can be stored neatly even in a small place.
Can be stored plenty.
8 wide-mouth baby bottles can be stored. (For bottle only)

Door: Because it opens widely, it is easy to put contents in and out.
Spoon stand: A spoon of powdered milk can be kept upright. Can also be used as a baby bottle stand.
Top: You can put powdered milk (large cans) and accessories.
Deep slim: The depth is 19cm, so it can be stored neatly.
Eye plate: Drain and keep clean. The mounting position of the baby bottle stand and spoon stand can be freely changed.
Comes with 7 bottles.


Product size: 31 x 19 x 25H (cm)
Heat-resistant temperature: 70 degrees
Accessories: Eye plate, spoon stand, baby bottle stand (7 pieces)


Tray, back cover, door: polystyrene
Eye plate, baby bottle stand, spoon stand: polypropylene
Handle: thermoplastic elastomer


[Assembly method]
(1) Place the tray on a table, etc., and insert the tabs of the tray into the four holes on the back cover.
(2) Insert the door loop into the tray bearing hole.
(3) Insert the tabs of the tray into the four holes at the top of the back cover while checking that the door shaft enters the bearing holes of the tray.
(4) Tilt the perforated plate into the box at an angle and return it horizontally inside. (Reverse procedure to remove)
(5) Insert the baby bottle stand and the spoon stand into the desired holes except for the front row and back row, and turn 90 degrees to fix. You can remove it by turning it 90 degrees.


Do not place near fire.
Use neutral detergent and sponge for cleaning.
Scratching may occur when scrubbing with scourer or brushing powder.
-The body may be altered by terpenes or oils and fats contained in citrus peels such as lemons.



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