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Kamiiso Washi Masking Tape GR0001 - Rose vertical - 15mm

Kamiiso Washi Masking Tape GR0001 - Rose vertical - 15mm

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A domestic Japanese paper masking tape with beautiful shades of color and a sense of tearing and transparency.

Beautiful botanical art is vividly reproduced with masking tape.


Botanical art is a botanical illustration that has "scientific elements" that depict plants accurately and precisely and "artistic elements" that soothe the viewer's mind. The target is not only flowers, leaves and fruits, but also ferns, moss and mushrooms, so in order to draw, it is necessary to have an understanding of plants and high technical skills.


● Supervision: Sugisaki Botanical Art Studio Co., Ltd.

● Size: Width 15mm x 7m

● Material: Japanese paper


* Colors may differ from the actual product due to differences in the Internet browsing environment you are using.

* Wipe off any dirt on the adherend surface before applying.

* Please note that depending on the usage conditions, glue may remain on the adherend surface when peeled off, or the surface of the adherend surface or the print may peel off.

* Avoid using and storing in places with fire, direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

* Be careful not to get this in your child's mouth.

* If you re-paste it, the adhesive strength will decrease.

* The tape ejection direction may change depending on the manufacturing method.

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