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Pip SlimWalk medical lymph stocking pure beige S-M size

Pip SlimWalk medical lymph stocking pure beige S-M size


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Improvement of lymph circulation!

Stocking type for general medical equipment.

The swelling of the painful legs has been improved according to daily fashion.

● Step pressure design

・ Promote blood circulation by gradually tightening the thighs from the ankles.

-Loose inguinal design, abdominal press design, hip-up design.

● Durable material DCY crossing

-Uses DCY (double covered yarn) in which nylon yarn is double-wound around the core polyurethane yarn.

● Comfortable stretch material

-Uses lycra fiber.


Ankle ・ ・ ・ Maximum 24hPa

Calf ・ ・ ・ Maximum 19hPa

Thighs ... up to 13hPa

[Indications and effects]

Improved leg swelling.

Improve lymph flow Promoting blood circulation

[How to choose the size]

S ~ M size

Height ... 57.09 - 62.99 inches

Thigh ... 17.72 - 20.87 inches

Calf ... 12.6 - 14.96 inches

Ankle ... 7.48 - 9.06 inches

M ~ L size

Height ... 59.06 - 64.96 inches

Thigh ... 19.69 - 23.62 inches

Calf ... 14.17 - 16.54 inches

Ankle ... 8.27 - 9.84 inches

* If both S-M and M-L sizes are applicable, select the size that is closest to the median height.

[How to use]

(1) Put your toes to the tip.* Please put the tag on the back (butt side).

(2) Pull up to the ankle.

(3) Put the thumbs of both hands inside and pull them up little by little evenly.

* Please raise one leg at a time.

* Because of its strong support, pull up slowly with caution.

(4) While standing, pull up to the inseam little by little.

(5) Pull up so that there is no gap in the crotch, and then pull up evenly to the waist.

* If there is a gap in the crotch, lower it to the ankle and then lift it again.


1. The following people should consult a doctor before use.

(1) Those who currently feel swelling or dullness due to illness or injury

(2) Persons with high blood pressure or heart / kidney disorders

(3) Currently suffering from itching and rash

(4) Person who has had blood circulation disorder2. Do not use the wrong size. (Blood circulation may worsen.)

3. Do not stack. (Blood circulation may worsen.)

4. Discontinue use immediately if you feel unwell during use or feel abnormalities such as itching, rash, and pain.

5. Do not use at bedtime.

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