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Pip SlimWalk BeauActy combustion shape shorts black L size

Pip SlimWalk BeauActy combustion shape shorts black L size


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Efficient slim legs with regular exercise!

Fat burning support with increased calorie consumption!

Pelvic support Suppresses stomach.

W shape design.

Concentrated shape around the waist.

Taping layout structure.

Resist the movement of the muscles of the buttocks from the thigh and put a load.

Thin design makes it hard to crack the outer.

With cotton gusset, this one piece is OK instead of shorts.

Comes with comfortable materials for sports.

L size black sports.

[How to choose the size]

M size

Hip: 34.25 - 37.4 inches

L size

Hip: 36.22 - 39.37 inches

* If the size is applicable to both M and L, please select the larger size.

[how to use]

(1) Check before and after.

The one with the tag is the back (butt side)

(2) Gently pull it through one leg at a time and pull it up to the knee.

* Because of its strong support, pull up slowly with caution.

(3) Pull up so that there is no gap in the crotch, and then pull up evenly to the waist.

(4) Fit the hips straight from the thigh to the taping part.

* If there is a gap in the inseam, lower it and then raise it again.


Be sure to read and store before use.

Consult your doctor before use if you are:

(1) Persons with high blood pressure or heart / kidney disorders

(2) Currently suffering from itching and rash

(3) Person who has had blood circulation disorder

Do not use the wrong size. (Blood circulation may worsen.)

If you feel unwell during use or after use, or feel abnormalities such as itching, rash, or pain, discontinue use immediately.

Do not use at bedtime.

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