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DKSH Japan Silencia earplug regular size 2 pairs with carrying case

DKSH Japan Silencia earplug regular size 2 pairs with carrying case


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Bestselling earplug!

Super soft fit and strong soundproofing!

Just by doing "earplug" you can get a good night's sleep, concentrate on your work and study.

●Sleep soundly while traveling by train, bus or plane.

●You can even share a room with a noisy snore.

●Effectively cuts down on annoying and harmful high frequency noise!

●The 85-95 dB of noise at a busy intersection will be less than 60 dB, equivalent to a quiet office.

[Size / Capacity]

Individual packaging size: 60X22X113mm

Individual packaging weight: Approximately 20g

Contents: 2 pairs / with carrying case

Country of manufacture: Japan



[Earplug material]

Earplugs: Polyurethane

Case: Polypropylene (does not generate toxic gas when burned)



[How to wear]

(1) Use your fingers to make as thin a roll as possible.

(2) Lift your ears and insert them all the way. (Put the edge out a few millimeters)

(3) It swells slowly and naturally and fits your ears gently.



[Please note]

・ Cannot be washed with water.

・ Keep the earplugs and case out of the reach of children so that they will not be swallowed.

・ To make it easier to remove, extend the end of the earplugs a few millimeters so that you can pinch it with your fingertips.

・The polyurethane material of this product is water-absorbent and cannot be used for swimming.

・ When removing the eardrum, pull it out slowly as it may damage the eardrum.

・ The target age for using the product is 6 years or older.

・ If you have otitis or allergic skin disease, please consult a specialist before use.

・ If you use it for a long time, it may cause inflammation in your ears. If you feel any abnormality, stop using it immediately.

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