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Meito Pukupuku Tai Strawberry

Meito Pukupuku Tai Strawberry


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Brand:Meito Sangyo  Made in:Japan

Brand Origin:Japan

This fish shaped wafer is an unusual snack made by Meito which consists of a monaka wafer on the outside and air-bubble strawberry chocolate on the inside. The chocolate inside is like a fluffy mousse and has a delicious chocolate flavour. The crunchy outer wafer with the soft inside together make a very pleasant and mouth-watering contrast in your mouth!

●Regarding chocolate candies

There's a possibility that they are melted depending on the transportation environment no matter what season and when you buy. We would appreciate if you buy them considering above circumstance.

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Post date:
4/12/2019 Wednesday


Delicious. The kids love them!

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Christopher Greenstein
Post date:
10/11/2019 Sunday

A fun light treat

Cute, pleasant, light, and airy. The shell reminds me of an ice-cream cone- the papery/flakey kind- thin and not very sweet, but crisp and fun. The inside is a light strawberry filling that is reminiscent of foam, but with slight crisp resistance when you bite it, but it quickly melts away to nothing. I bought a couple to try, but would recommend the larger pack to save on the per item cost. Not incredibly sweet like some candy, but a fun lightly sweetened treat when you want to splurge on s

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