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Kaneson petit pad nipple corrector M size

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Kaneson petit pad nipple corrector M size


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Compensator for flat and inverted nipples!It is a nipple corrector that pulls out flat and inverted nipples by applying suction pressure to the nipples, making it easier for the baby to suck.In addition to being used for breastfeeding preparations, it can also be used by female flat and inverted nipples. Made of soft silicone rubber. The suction force can be adjusted by pressing the nipple. With a deformation prevention ring that prevents deformation due to suction pressure. With storage case.* When using during pregnancy, be sure to use with a specialist / midwife. 2 pieces. With a storage case that can be disinfected in a microwave oven.[M size]Inner diameter: 0.87 inches[Raw materials (heat-resistant temperature)]Body: Silicone rubber (120 degrees)Deformation prevention ring ... polypropylene (100 degrees)Storage case: Polypropylene (100 degrees)Stand ... PET (70 degrees)[How to use]* When using during pregnancy, be sure to use under the guidance of a specialist / midwife. First, apply moisturizing cream etc. to the attachment site to improve the moisture retention, softness and elongation of the skin. It also works to increase the adsorption effect.(1) Hold the ring with your thumb and middle finger.(2) Press the nipple with your index finger.(3) Keep the index finger in close contact with the nipple and slowly release it. Adjustment method of suction forceThe method of adjusting the suction force of the natural top is weak when it is pressed lightly, and strong when it is pressed hard.* Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before using in any case.


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