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Richell aqulea 'Cup De Mag' straw type R yellow

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Richell aqulea 'Cup De Mag' straw type R yellow


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"I want to drink with a straw as soon as possible!" A new idea mug born from such a mom's voice!

It is a mug that you can train to drink with a straw from about 6 months old.

* There are individual differences in the growth of children, so please use according to your growth.

● Convenient for dining at home. It is hard to spill and easy to clean after use.

● Can be used as a cup by removing the lid.

● Simple structure with few parts makes it easy to clean.

● When you press the PUSH mark on the lid, the drink will come out of the straw.

● Easy to step up! Since the tip shape of the mouthpiece of the mug and the straw mug is the same in the cup, you can step up without any discomfort.

● The lid is made of all-silicone rubber and has excellent sealing properties.

● An oval-shaped mouthpiece that fits your baby's mouth and is easy to suck.

Target age: About 6 months
Size: 12.5X9X10H (cm)
Capacity: 190mL
Material: Polypropylene, silicone rubber
Dishwasher OK
Boil / chemical / microwave disinfection OK


Check that each part is firmly set in the mug before use. Children may accidentally swallow.
Please keep an eye on your children while using this product. Children may behave unexpectedly and may cause accidental ingestion or injury.
Do not allow children to carry this product. There is a risk of injury if you fall.
Please put the drink after cooling it below 40 degrees. Hot drinks can cause burns.
Do not use this product for any purpose other than giving drinks to children.
If any part is cracked, cracked, chipped, or deformed significantly, stop using it immediately.
Please note that if this product is knocked down or shaken with a drink in it, the drink will leak.
Please attach each part correctly so that drinks do not leak, and tighten the lid securely. Also make sure it is tight before use.
If the air in the container expands due to a strong impact or changes in temperature and pressure, the pressure may increase, and the drink may spout from the tip of the drinking mouth.
Do not put carbonated drinks in this product. There is a risk of a beverage erupting.
Do not place this product near the fire or near the hot air outlet of the dishwasher.

This product may be deformed or melted.
Tighten the lid after closing the cover.

There is a risk of a beverage erupting.
Do not rub this product with hard materials such as scouring powder, scrubbing brush, or cleanser.

Scratches will make it easier to get dirty.
Do not drop or give a shock. This may cause damage.
Be sure to clean before and after first use.
If a toothed child bites it hard, the drinking mouth may be damaged.
If you put colored drinks, fruit juices, tea, etc, there is a risk of coloring, so wash them immediately after use.

However, even if it is colored, there is no concern about hygiene.


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