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Lion Dent Health Toothbrush Soft Type

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Lion Dent Health Toothbrush Soft Type


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Clean the boundary between teeth and gums, and massage the teeth directly at the same time.

Achieve the polishing method recommended by the dentist. A toothbrush jointly developed by a dentist.

Border polishing + massage suitable for measures against alveolar pyorrhea!

The ultra-fine brush in the center scrapes out dirt at the boundary between teeth and teeth.

Massage the weakened toothpaste with a high-density brush on the outside with moderate stimulation

Slender rubber handle that is easy to hold with a pen grip

Brush hardness: Soft

Handle color is pink / blue * Handle color cannot be specified.



[How to use]

Apply a toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the boundary between the teeth and the toothpaste, and brush while moving it back and forth finely.



[Standard outline]

Handle material: Body: Polypropylene, Rubber part: EPDM, Polypropylene

Brush material: Nylon / saturated polyester resin

Brush hardness: soft

Heat resistant temperature: 80 degrees



[Please note]

Rough polishing not only makes it difficult to remove dirt, but can also damage your teeth.

Talk to your doctor if your teeth are swollen or bleeding.

* Drain well and store in a dry place.



[Country of origin]


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15/09/2020 Tuesday


I bought it because it is alveolar pyorrhea.
I feel like it's getting better, so I'll continue.

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