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Kowa Three-dimensional mask Usually M size white 7 pieces

Kowa Three-dimensional mask Usually M size white 7 pieces


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A mask made in Japan with high functionality and a comfortable structure.


Firmly protect & much more comfortable!

● Uses a collection filter with enhanced functionality

・The collection filter cuts 99% of fine particles (0.0001 mm = 0.1 μm) in the air with one layer.

* Permeability test measurement value (Nelson Research Institute)

・ Built-in antibacterial filter "catechin" derived from natural catechin

It suppresses the growth of bacteria on the surface of the filter (it does not work on all bacteria).

・ Shape-retaining nose fitter & side fit form

Suppresses gaps in the nose and cheeks.

● Soft and comfortable to wear

・Adopts a soft ear strap that is comfortable to wear

With a soft touch, it doesn't hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.

・ Uses high-quality non-woven fabric that is soft to the touch

The loose-fitting structure of the mouth does not make you suffocate, and it does not easily shift even if you continue talking, so it is comfortable to use for a long time.

・ Blocks the cloudiness of glasses

The fog block film prevents the exhaled air leaking from the upper part of the mask with a cover, so the glasses are less likely to become cloudy.

● Uses reclosed pillow packaging that can be resealed and used hygienically

・ High virginity

・ Can be opened and closed neatly

・ Can be taken out without touching the inside of the mask


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