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Kowa Vantelin Knee Support S 31~34cm

Kowa Vantelin Knee Support S 31~34cm


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Evolved supporter with taping function!

It was designed based on the theory of "life taping" used to support daily life.

For pain caused by aging!

It will be easier to go up and down the stairs!

● Three types of nylon fibers with different expansion and contraction rates are used, and various knitting methods are combined for three-dimensional sewing. (Compression three-dimensional molding knitting).

● Supports the plate part of the knee to reduce blurring and reduce the burden on the knee.

● One piece for both right and left legs.

● It fits flexibly to the movement of joints and is properly tightened to prevent it from slipping up or down.

● Firmly supports the movement of the knees, making it easier to kick the legs.

● We have a lineup of 7 colors: black, white, navy, light pink, light blue, light yellow, and light green.

● Made in Japan

● Type to be worn directly on the skin

<U-shaped taping structure>

-U-shaped taping knitting supports the knee plate to be lifted, suppresses left-right blurring, and helps the force to extend the knee.

<Slit knit structure>

-The slit knit structure reduces slippage and suppresses unpleasant biting and stuffiness during bending and stretching.

<Anchor structure>

-The upper and lower anchors prevent the supporter from slipping up and down with proper tightening, and stabilize the U-shaped taping function.


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