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Kato N Gauge Series E217 Yokosuka Line & Sobu Line (New Color) (Basic 4-Car Set) (Kato PlaRail Model Train)

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Kato N Gauge Series E217 Yokosuka Line & Sobu Line (New Color) (Basic 4-Car Set) (Kato PlaRail Model Train)


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E217 series Yokosuka Line, Sobu Line (new color) Basic (4-car)

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The E217 series appeared in 1994 for access to the Yokosuka Line / Sobu (Rapid) Line and New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport).

Even now, it continues to play an active role as a main vehicle centered on the Yokosuka Line and Sobu (Rapid) Line.

In 2008, renewal work was carried out, and at the same time, there were changes in the body color and logo mark, adoption of reinforced skirts, and changes in underfloor equipment due to the renewal of control equipment.



By updating the control equipment, the underfloor equipment different from the conventional vehicle is reproduced (Moha E217 / Moha E216). In addition, the reinforced skirt of the leading car is reproduced.

Reproduce the body band whose color tone and design have changed with the update.

Expresses the finish of the appearance with different materials such as the painting of the steel body at the beginning and the stainless steel part of the car body.

Accurately reproduces the two-story green car Salo E216, which is the accent of the formation.

Power unit with flywheel unit, suspension mechanism installed, see-through of the leading car cab.

Reproduce the side glass of the first car Kuha E216-2000 with added pillars.

The head light, tail light, front direction curtain, and train display are lit.

Equipped with a body mount coupler.

The destination display is LED notation, "Kurihama" "Yokosuka" "Zushi" "Tokyo" "Tsudanuma" "Chiba" "Kimitsu" "Chiba" "Kazusa Ichinomiya" "Kashima Jingu" "Narita Airport" "Narita".

The front display is "Yokosuka Line-Sobu Line", "Rapid Commuter" and "Airport Narita". Also comes with priority seat display

In a paper box

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