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Kracie Popin' Cookin' Donuts 38g

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Donuts 38g

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Item Details

Brand:Kracie  Made in:Japan

Net Content:38g  Brand Origin:Japan


You can make sweets that looks just like real store shop mood. Custard, you can make 2 cocoa each. Mix donuts can be made by mixing. Vanilla sauce, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, Pinch bag for chocolate pen, colorful toppings and crunch are included. You can enjoy freely cute, decorated and like animal shapes. It can be made with water only.As the tray becomes a vessel, it is not necessary except for water.

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Post date:
6/10/2019 Sunday

Fun to make

been purchasing kracie poppin cookin kits since my daughter was 3 for her birthdays and christmas and we made them together, she's now 9 and getting pretty good at doing them solo, some of the kits she doesn't like but this one she both enjoys making and eating it. they are really unusual but simple to do. although the instructions aren't in English they do on most kits show the colour of the sachets with the number of water measures needed for each and pictures of which mould to use. but when w

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Post date:
13/08/2019 Tuesday


You can make very cute animals 8->

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